Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2011

Dark Matters

The first musical creation of Dark Matters came into life with the release of the first single "The Quest Of A Dream".
It was only the beginning of a journey, a journey into strong down-tempo cuts, deep beat-ballads and mind-blowing vocals. Though the identity of the Dark Matters moniker remains unveiled, there’s one thing about the project that is no secret. They’re responsible for 11 hauntingly beautiful vocal productions, each and every single one shining a different and unique light on music.

You can find them on their debut album "Fallen Feathers", an album built around the powerful beat of EDM, stepping away from the maddening crowds but focusing on musical synergy.
Powerful songwriting, poetic lyrics, a myriad of genres melting and all tracks mesmerizing jewels that deserve time to be listened to.
Anything from piano ballads to chill-out and soulful down-tempo. From dawn’s first ray of sun to the deep, dark pitch-black layers of night, "Fallen Feathers" will take you on a trip to wherever you choose to go.
Working together with gifted vocalists such as Ana Criado, Neev Kennedy, Cathy Burthon, Benjamin Winter, Tre Sheppard, Carol van Dyk, Jessie Morgan and Denise Rivera, resulted in eleven sensitive, seductive and original tracks of outstanding quality. "Fallen Feathers" is an album that truly gets under your skin.