Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2018

We Came From Space

Let’s face it—the name "We Came From Space" sounds like a grade B sci-fi flick from the ‘50s.Or a cheap comic book about strange aliens zapping Earth with cosmic death rays.There’s no way it could be a progressive-rock band.Could it?
Well, yes, that’s exactly what it is – and a surprisingly one.
The unit came about six years ago when high school buds Bill Hubauer (The Neal Morse Band) and Dave Buzard reconnected and decided to make music.The result was a 2013 album called "How To Be Human", which, for the most part, came and went without a lot of fanfare.The band did few gigs to push the release, and Hubauer had yet to make a big name for himself with Neal Morse.The founders planned on a second album, almost as soon as the first one came out.But for a variety of reasons, it took five years for the sophomore effort to blast off.
"While You Were Away" is a rocket headed toward the stratosphere and beyond.Wonderful (and I must say unexpected) prog-rock album containing some of the most addictive melodies I've heard in a while.

Montag, 11. Juni 2018

ESP 2.0

ESP 2.0's new album "22 Layers Of Sunlight" feat: Tony Lowe, Peter Coyle & Mark Brzezicki follows ESP 2.0's "Invisible Din" a collaboration with musicians from King Crimson, Van der Graaf Generator, Big Country,GTR and Landmarq.


Riversea is the musical team of Marc Atkinson (vocals) and Brendan Eyre (synths/programming).
"The Tide" is the follow up to "Out Of An Ancient World", the bands debut album, and the duo are again complimented on project by some fine musicians and friends.


Anubis, the cinematic Progressive Rock band from Sydney, Australiahas hails with their latest release "Different Stories".
These new versions are complete reinterpretations of seven popular Anubis tracks, performed mostly on acoustic instruments, some being instruments we’d never normally dream of using. Absent - for the time being - are the electric guitars, the overdriven B3, the pounding drums, the rickenbacker bass, the synthesizers and the ubiquitous mellotron.


Argos is a German band that combines the eclectic style of bands like Gentle Giant and Van der Graaf Generator with the Canterbury sound and modern prog artists.
Their fith album "Unidentified Dying Objects" set to bereleased July 20, 2018.


Germany based Art-Rock/Pop-outfit "starfish64" was formed in 2006 by singer-songwriter Dieter Hoffmann and has since been accompanied by various musicians from all over europe.
His latest album "The Future In Reverse" was released June 11, 2018.

Montag, 4. Juni 2018

Talitha Rise

Music is what makes my life complete, it fills the holes and spaces in time and I honestly couldn’t be without it.
Some music is so compelling that it can take over your life, pausing you in a moment in time, not caring or worrying about anything else and the elfin, ethereal vocals of Talitha Rise (better known as Jo Beth Young) definitely belong in that category.
Following on from the beautiful EP ‘Blue’, Jo has released her debut full length album "An Abandoned Orchid House" on June 1st 2018.
It is a release full of captivating, wistful songs wound around themes of isolation and abandonment. Jo Beth Young has a sublime and refined voice that has a haunting aura and reminds me of an early Kate Bush or Tori Amos and it is her most potent weapon. When added to the intelligent, captivating lyrics it gives wonderful songs. ‘An Abandoned Orchid House’ was recorded in many locations from living rooms and kitchen tables in Devon to a beautiful manor house in Sussex.