Montag, 5. Dezember 2011

Ziv Ravits

Here is an art rock album by writer and composer Ziv Ravits, lead vocals and bass of "Louis", his 3rd album.
Recording and performing his own material for 10 years all around Israel: 1997 - "Syndrome"- Ziv's 1st project in Hebrew worked and performed mainly in Jerusalem, 2001 - "Short story"- recorded in a small town in the Israeli desert. 

With "Louis", Ziv introduces an album, and a stage show, that is a genre of its own.
It echoes the psychedelic, progressive and classic rock of the late 60's and early 70's, while offering a very up-to-date and unique sound and attitude.
Ziv also uses the benefit of cutting edge sound technology - creating a special mix that could turn Louis into a land mark for the music of the 21st century, and a real treat for the modern music consumer.

On the stage, 8 musicians are leading the audience into a deep musical experience While telling the story of Louis,who travels between time and forms - transcending linearity and continuity on his journey home. 
This live concert is the result of a unique reunion of talents around Ziv, Who invite us to join them for an unforgettable trip.

The story of "Louis":

The people of the city say they can't remember a night as cold as that night.
Louis - an old beggar - was sleeping on the verge of a doorway. He was quite used to it, but that night was extremely cold. The snow slowly covered him. Some good people tried to wake him up, but in vain. During that night, some residents of the higher floors of the surrounding buildings called the police to inform them of a man flying quite close to their windows, which were, as a matter of fact, quite high. The morning after, they found the imprint of his body in the fresh snow. Its an 18th century garden party on a shiny autumn day somewhere. Young Louis entertains the very honorable crowd. He plays the piano. He can't take his eyes off the youngest daughter of the court's lawyer, in her light green dress. He plays for her, and she notices. Being, by hobby, a collector of soul pieces, she calls for the magician to settle a deal: Louis gets to be alone with her at her family's winter house, and she gets a piece of his soul. The magician, naturally, gets one too. Louis remembers almost nothing of that night - only a promise not fulfilled, a subtle smell on his finger, a brick wall instead of a door and a loss too big to contain. He runs away from the house, and the forest seems to enclose him. Too frightened to look back, he runs all night - chased by his fear and confused by his anger, his mind unable to grasp what his heart fully knows. He is fast asleep in a clearing, just before the break of dawn. There is no one there to even try and wake him up. On a countryside road, a guy called Louis is walking to the bus stop. The year is 2008. He had just woken up in a clearing, and he can't remember how he got there. He just knows he feels empty and sad, as if something had been violently taken from him the night before. He knows not where to go, or even if he wants to go anywhere at all. The voices inside him kindle him with song. They sing him of his past. They sing him of his ancient losses. They plead him not to fall this time. A bit encouraged, Louis strays around - and finds a cave to shelter him from the rain. He stays there for a short while, and the short while turns into a long while, and then a longer one... When he steps out of the cave, it is summer again. A kind of hunger takes him to a nearby city, where he lingers for a while. He's never really a part of it, but happy enough to feel at home inside himself - a feeling he never knew before. In a city not far away, on the coldest night of the year, one guy with all his belongings in a small sack, feels a sudden need to look up to the sky. He could never explain how this human image he saw managed to fly so smoothly above the city's skyline. The only thing he knew for sure was that, in a strange way, it was a part of him.