Sonntag, 31. Juli 2016

The Natural Mystic

The Natural Mystic are another young band from the rich Italian scene. The influence of the "Rock Progressivo Italiano" is evident - the band is often citing soundscapes from the movement's heyday, their sound will love every fan of 70's prog - and yet they're highly innovative, fresh and quite unique.
Art Rock showing a plurality of styles but never forcing it.

Initially, they were a trio formed around early 2000: Pacho, the percussionist, Dile ( Mauro Di Lella ) the guitarist and Zamaun on guitars, vocals and bass were all already experienced musicians that were participating in various Italian art rock bands. Angel (on flutes, keys and guitar), Peg (bass, flute, keys, percussion) and Galbo (guitars, percussion) joined the band later, completing the picture.

Comparing this guys to Yes, Genesis and Camel won't help you a lot, indeed the sound of 70's symphonic prog is evident, but their smooth textures are defying easy categorization; there's also a hint of early King Crimson and evident Jethro Tull throw in for a good measure, and their sound is their own.

Their one and only album so far "Mother nature, the trees and the magic of seasons" consists of four long suites dealing with seasons and was already released in 2006, but I have to say this is a highly recommended band.