Dienstag, 30. August 2016


Careworn is an alternative-rock project that was formed by students John Morishel and Nye James at the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield back in 2013. Originally coming from very different musical backgrounds, the project was set up by the two for the purpose of developing their musical collaboration skills. After recording and working on various demo songs together they took to performing a few live acoustic sets at open mic nights around central London, and the project progressed naturally from thereon as they discovered a shared interest in musical direction. They gradually assembled a sufficient amount of material for Careworn throughout the autumn of 2015, collaborating together on songs they had written at various points in the previous five years. Nye took care of the drums, keyboard/piano and the bulk of the guitar recording for the material and John provided main vocals and tracked some supporting acoustic guitar parts. Their housemate, Matt Good, was also later recruited to track bass and the music was all recorded and produced at the trio’s university home over the course of several months spanning from late 2015 through to the following February. The debut album, entitled "The Hill", was released in March 2016. "The Hill" is a collection of alternative rock songs themed around being unable to beat personal foibles, bad relationships, isolation and depression. The album generally gets darker in tone as it progresses, with influences ranging from Ben Howard to Porcupine Tree.