Sonntag, 27. November 2016

Tabula Rasa

Their new record, Crimson, is shimmering artistry. It completely blew me away the first time I heard it. I’m still in awe of it, almost viewing it as a towering musical monument expertly built by a truly gifted band. Think of it as progressive power pop. It rocks and grooves strong with sugary melodies like power pop, but there’s an erratic progressive streak here. Wobbly time signatures. Sensational textural patterns. Abrupt tonal shifts. Conflicting sonic themes. They even somehow make straightaway songs like “Until” and “Unspun” unfurl into these sprawling compositions that are somehow organic and logical. Don’t even get me started on the album closer and title track “Crimson,” — twenty minutes of the band showcasing every last bit of their talent in an epic that would make Pete Townshend blush. This band is just impressive, especially singer Mica Tenenbaum and her commanding voice. She grounds all of these lofty songs and ideas with a mercurial sound that drives the music as much as the proficent drumming. Crimson is a prog introduction for pop lovers, a pop introduction to prog lovers, and a must listen for any music fan out there. (review from "")