Mittwoch, 4. Januar 2017

Last Knight

Last Knight is a international music project. The different musicians collaborate through internet in the recording sessions coordinated by spanish producer/songwriter Jose Manuel Medina. Originally was created in 1997 with the porpouse of write instrumental music. Last Knight project makes a fusion between different music styles. It is oriented to an audience that loves music in every way. "Talking to the Moon" is a concept album plenty of stories about the moon and the relationship with the man. It's a modern symphony on which every musician print his own musical vision. Deluxe edition with sixty songs all related to the night and the Moon. Coordinated by Jose Manuel Medina as main producer and presented by David Rohl as executive producer. It combines vast orchestral music with progressive rock, new age, celtic music, classical, ambient, pop, hard rock, etc... Seven years were needed to complete the production of the entire album. With an approximate duration of 227 minutes, the collection has a great variety of musical colors. The combination of musicians from very different styles gave rise to the immortalization of beautiful musical landscapes throughout.