Mittwoch, 15. März 2017


One of the best things for a music critic is when he comes up against something different from the standards he is accustomed to hear, whether in the order of the songs, in the musical style, among other things, and the cool thing here in the debut of the Austrian band Crevasse Is that in the end the quality prevails, thank God.

They define themselves as "Progressive Pop / Rock", but I think they go further. It has Hard Rock, AOR next to the various influences, with a personality little seen, at least for me and this pleased me too, with songs with very tasteful arrangements, with the calm permeating "Me & You".

The multi-instrumentalists Asif and Tommy Crow run the show here, dividing the vocals, guitars and a lot of instruments that if I start to write, my review will be gigantic. The instrumental "Devil May Cry" starts the album and I confess that it made me weird in the first audition, only that from the second time I listened to it again, I realized the intention of the guys to be uncompromising with any standard, as I said in the start. From there, it was a great experience to be able to delight in songs like "Me", "You" (songs that complete) and the melancholic "Only You". After 13 years of career and almost 2 years recording this album, I conclude that it was worth all this time refining the compositions and giving form to a work that sounds different from what I am accustomed to hear. If the production was a bit more capricious, it would take a 10 ... anyway, a great debut.