Montag, 4. Juni 2018

Talitha Rise

Music is what makes my life complete, it fills the holes and spaces in time and I honestly couldn’t be without it.
Some music is so compelling that it can take over your life, pausing you in a moment in time, not caring or worrying about anything else and the elfin, ethereal vocals of Talitha Rise (better known as Jo Beth Young) definitely belong in that category.
Following on from the beautiful EP ‘Blue’, Jo has released her debut full length album "An Abandoned Orchid House" on June 1st 2018.
It is a release full of captivating, wistful songs wound around themes of isolation and abandonment. Jo Beth Young has a sublime and refined voice that has a haunting aura and reminds me of an early Kate Bush or Tori Amos and it is her most potent weapon. When added to the intelligent, captivating lyrics it gives wonderful songs. ‘An Abandoned Orchid House’ was recorded in many locations from living rooms and kitchen tables in Devon to a beautiful manor house in Sussex.