Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2018

We Came From Space

Let’s face it—the name "We Came From Space" sounds like a grade B sci-fi flick from the ‘50s.Or a cheap comic book about strange aliens zapping Earth with cosmic death rays.There’s no way it could be a progressive-rock band.Could it?
Well, yes, that’s exactly what it is – and a surprisingly one.
The unit came about six years ago when high school buds Bill Hubauer (The Neal Morse Band) and Dave Buzard reconnected and decided to make music.The result was a 2013 album called "How To Be Human", which, for the most part, came and went without a lot of fanfare.The band did few gigs to push the release, and Hubauer had yet to make a big name for himself with Neal Morse.The founders planned on a second album, almost as soon as the first one came out.But for a variety of reasons, it took five years for the sophomore effort to blast off.
"While You Were Away" is a rocket headed toward the stratosphere and beyond.Wonderful (and I must say unexpected) prog-rock album containing some of the most addictive melodies I've heard in a while.