Montag, 16. Januar 2012


“RewoToweR”, the second ProFusion studio album is available now to order online, in stores in February 2012.

A spiral of genres, tones and rhythms, melted and tangled together, builds an original message which deals with the musical flexibility and research of ProFusion.
"RewoToweR", the second album of ProFusion, is conceived as a path that guides the listener into a tower.
Each song reveals a new plan, a new step that allows you to reach the top.
There are many languages that lead the climbing: rock, metal, fusion, pop, acustic-tango. Each floor is a different dimension from the previous, but never isolated.
Just as you can look at the title letters in both directions, the tower is also an ascent and descent together, until it gets to be a maze.
The “RewoToweR” building is not like a “Babel of different languages” but the attempt to speak, through experimentation, a new and modern language.