Mittwoch, 2. Mai 2012

Mœbius Cat

Mœbius Cat is about journey... Journey in space and time. It’s about people and souls, angels and demons, light and darkness, material and ethereal, mundane distractions and parallel dimensions. It’s about looking into oneself and searching not for the answers, for it is a quest of a lifetime, but for the right questions. Let us begin a journey that will take you far away from commercial music dogma.

Mœbius Cat is a fluid and dynamic project, creating melodic and emotional music in a fusion of dark wave, progressive rock, experimental, world fusion, gothic ethereal, electronic and neoclassical styles.

Mœbius Cat is a Canadian band with a CD release on the Russian label "Mals". The band is based around multi-instrumentalist Roman Bershadsky, who is playing drums, keys, percussion, djembe and wrote all the music and lyrics of the latest album ‘End Of Time’.

Vocally he is assisted by an excellent female singer called Jodi Krangle on several songs, but also male singers Karl Mohr and Adriano Spina appear on a few songs each. I have to say that the female singer Jodi makes a real impression on me personally with her amazing vocal style. It’s a major let-down she didn’t sing all the songs and also when checking the internet she is only doing voice-over jobs. This singer should be out there making music on her own, with such excellent vocals she could easily gain a lot of attention!
Anyway, Mœbius Cat is a sort of Progrock thing, very calm and laid-back most of the time, with some dark wave touches as well. Porcupine Tree comes to mind here and there and especially the titletrack and “It’s over” are 2 really beautiful songs that even remind a bit of Mostly Autumn, Renaissance and Karnataka, while vocally it has a touch of a Kate Bush.

In 2003 Mœbius Cat has also released an album containing original songs in mystic and ethereal mood, with elements of world fusion, progressive and electronic music, which is entitled "Arrivals-Departures".

Both albums are FREE to download from their homepage!