Freitag, 7. November 2014

Deep Limbic System

Deep Limbic System hails from Mexico, and they have put together an impressive sound that is deep, complex, eclectic, and absolutely sophisticated. This is not something I would expect from a band's first effort.
This EP, "The Embryo", really is an album all to itself. Far from a collection of songs, this album explores the idea of growing, maturing, and realizing your potential. It's about understanding yourself, learning to better yourself and get over your fears, and it hits on the idea of that inner hope for something beyond this life. This aptly named EP is truly something deep, as is hinted in the fantastic artwork.

The EP starts off with a dirty, dynamic saxophone lead in "Amniotic", and it never pulls back from greatness. Beto Valtierra on saxophone is truly gifted, and his sound is incredibly signature from the first listen. The rest of the band---Sergio Sunga on vocals and guitars, Efraín Fraire on guitars, Carlos Barcenas on keys, Angel Daniel on bass, and Pepe Armengol on drums---have crafted something beautiful that Beto then accents expertly with his peeling sax. The music is hard to nail down in one genre, as on this short EP, the band visits everything from jazz fusion to progressive metal to the classic prog rock sound. Gorgeous walls of piano and keys mix expertly with emotive guitar solos in the vein of Floyd and Riverside to evoke a fullness, a gentleness, and a melodious wonder to my ears. The excellent rhythm section is full of surprises and very organic grooves, too. Lastly, Sergio's voice is rather free of accent, and wonderfully balanced, although this EP is primarily instrumental.

The band is formed in the late 2012, as a mutation of various projects that converged in one belief, which consist in taking music as the main focus and not a particular genre, having in that way the freedom to work with emotion and every color it offers.

So, do yourself a favor and pick this album up at the band's Bandcamp page. Support this band, as I predict amazing things to come.