Sonntag, 14. Dezember 2014


Numen is a Spanish progressive rock band from Alicante formed in 1992 by César Alcaraz, Víctor Arques, Gaspar Martínez, Manuel Mas and Antonio Valiente. Their music is essentially melodic with masterful execution of the instruments. They have a complex style based on classical music beautifully blended with electronic instruments and a solid foundation of acoustic instruments, thus creating a unique sound.
Numen has become one of the most known progressive rock in Spain of the 90’s. The band's sound is predominantly neoprogressive.

Their first album "Samsara" (sanscrit word: reincarnations cycle), released in 1998, is a conceptual record in which they try to show all the things that surround the man as an integrating part of Cosmos. This is a must in any prog fan collection.

In 2000 Numen was dissolved as a band. Its members are engaged from that time to their personal projects.
In 2011 the members gathered after several attempts to start a new project.

After almost ten-years separation, their love for music and progressive rock made them gather again. "Numenclature" is the result of three years of passionate work.