Freitag, 8. Januar 2016

The Jaunting Martyrs

The Jaunting Martyrs is a San Francisco/Bay Area cross-genre band that combines elements of Rockabilly, Gypsy Swing, Surf, Blues, and good ol' Rock 'n' Roll. The elements of story telling, poetry, references to folklore, literary history, and current events in the lyricism and the eclectic nature of this group produces music that is unique and yet relatable. From the cross-genre sound & tight musicianship, to the handmade custom designed costumes, to the DIY merch & posters of original art, to the surprise guest appearances of clown acts & sideshow freaks at shows, to the collaborative addition of varying local horn players... This band puts on a multi-dimensional show like no other.

The band started out as a circus band for various troupes along the West Coast. In 2009 - after traveling up and down the west coast providing sound tracks for trapeze, Juggling, clowning, aerial, fire acts, and sidesho - Martyrs Brendan, Justine, & Justin stabalized in SF/Bay Area to focus on developing their sound as a band. Two years later they joined forces with music scholar clown guitarist Carlos and eclectic multi-instrumentalist burlesque drummer Jimi to form an epic all-star circus band under the name The Jaunting Martyrs. The band name refers to "The Excursion of the Jaunting Martyrs on Mars", an intergalactic sound piece Justine was mailing off at the SFO airport for a space music scholarship the day she met Brendan on a train (2006).