Montag, 25. April 2016


Preacher is a six piece rock band from Glasgow/Ayr in the United Kingdom that’s been making quite a name for themselves thanks to their stunning live shows and studio albums.

Preacher’s distinctive sound is a sparkling blend of melodic rock and crossover prog with subtle hints of David Bowie and Pink Floyd thrown in for good measure. Their stunning debut album "Signals" in many ways paid homage to the classic conceptual approach of crafting an album based around a single theme or ‘concept’ championed by bands such as Pink Floyd, Yes and King Crimson in their heyday and more recently with the likes of Radiohead opting for a similar aesthetic. 
Their follow up album "Aftermath" was no different in this respect, as again, a concept was at the heart of the album, however, this time aesthetically, the band ventured into newer territory and importantly, they matured alongside it.  The "Aftermath" album sounds fantastic.