Freitag, 15. April 2016

Third Edge

Third Edge hailing with their brilliant debut album "T.I.M.E.".

40 years after the release of Rush’s epic album 2112, the rock band Third Edge releases the album "T.I.M.E." that continues the story. In the year 2132 on a distant refugee planet governed by totalitarian priests, a once-orphaned boy discovers his biological father was murdered by the very priests who raised him. The execution prevented a potential revolution after discovering the free-thinking power of earth music, and the possibility of revealing a galactic-wide conspiracy over the millennia to overtake all life-producing planets. The young man then seeks revenge on the priests. He also discovers that his father, prior to his death, hid the secret to their escape from bondage in a song. This ‘song of Anonymous’ entitled ‘T.I.M.E.’ (Tomorrow Is Man’s Escape) contained the prophetic melody used by his son to bring as many as would listen to the final conclusion of destroying the Federation, return the rising generation of their people back to their homeland Earth, and reuniting with the elder race in a restored paradisiacal state.