Donnerstag, 12. Mai 2016

Nine Stones Close

Nine Stones Close was conceived in 2008 as a solo project by Adrian Jones (Numb, Lie Big, Jet Black Sea).
The first album, "St Lo", was independently released in the Netherlands. The project grew into a band for "Traces" when Adrian was joined by Brendan Eyre (Riversea), Marc Atkinson (Mandalaband, Riversea) and Neil Quarrell. "One Eye on the Sunrise" saw a further evolution of the band with returning members Marc Atkinson and Brendan Eyre now joined by Peter Vink on bass (Q65/Ayreon/Star One/Finch) and on drums Pieter van Hoorn (Knight Area).

In 2016 a new line up was announced, with Adrian Jones and Pieter van Hoorn now joined by vocalist Adrian (Aio) O'Shaughnessy (Psychic For Radio, Frame Shift), Christiaan Bruin on keyboards (Sky Architect, Mayra Orchestra) and Peter Groen on bass. And here's the new album "Leaves".

Don't forget to check their debut album as FREE download here!