Mittwoch, 25. Oktober 2017

Alan Lennon

Alan Lennon is a guitar player from Ireland.

A few years back he released a solo guitar album "Heaven's Call" that has been compared to Joe Satriani and others of that genre.

 "Tempus" is his second record and it's a very different affair.

The music on Tempus is very symphonic and I would compare it to some of the original musical scores for the Cirque Du Soleil. Another acceptable reference would be Ennio Morricone's soundtrack suite for the movie The Mission. Also, because of the large presence of female voices, Enya comes to my mind. Altough I started this review by making corelations with well known artists and composers, Tempus does have its unique signature. One obvious reason for this his Alan Lennon's guitar playing. He is a great performer and I cannot help myself from thinking of Steve Hackett. All the grandeur and emotion I find in Hackett's playing I also get from Lennon. He also, at times, adds some Metal to his sound and this really gives extra power to the music. Quality wise the performances and production are up there with the best and the music remains interesting from beginning to end. No fillers on this album. If you are into the music of the artists I mentioned in this review, or Symphonic Rock music in general (like for example Dream Theater's The Astonishing), Tempus is an album you will want to get. Impressive stuff indeed!!!

Btw, his first album "Heaven's Call" can be downloaded for FREE from his website: Alan Lennon