Samstag, 21. März 2015


Brassé is the solo project of Marc Brassé who runs Dutch record label LaBraD'or.

Marc is also known for his successful project/album "The Reading Room", which features a string of neo-prog artists such as The Night Watch, Aragon, Galleon, Like Wendy, Final Conflict, Galahad and Cliffhanger to name a few. Various guest musicians appear on Brassé's albums, whose material is penned by Marc himself. Quite well produced, the CD's mostly feature spacey melodies with good old-fashioned Clive Nolan-like keyboards and floydian guitar solos. The dark themes and atmospheres easily evoke Pink Floyd; the vocals, shared by both female and male artists (mostly Brassé's own), are interspersed with narrative passages.

"Sand, Water and Heroes" ('88) and "Pawn" ('93) are rather tame but still contain a few good tracks.
Like a dark impressionist painting, "Dante's Inferno" ('97) is a modern musical adaptation of the famous 'Divinia Comedia' - some sort of modern version of hell. Its musical contents is varied but constant in quality. On the concept album "Turbulence" (2001), Brassé is joined by various artists from some of the bands mentioned above: LIke Wendy's guitarist/vocalist Bert Heinen, Vertigo/Jacob's Ladder guitarist Maarten Huiskamp, Cliffhanger's drummer Hans Boonk, Vertigo's vocalists Leny Caanen and Frans Hermans, Aragon's guitarist John Poloyannis as well as guitarist Peter Heinen. This CD features a 20-minute epic that encompasses just about every facet of BRrassé's répertoire.


Progressive/Art Rock:
S.G. / Monolith (2006)
Turbulence (2001)
The Reading Room (2000)
Dante's Inferno (1997)
Pawn (1993)
Sand, Water & Heroes (1988)

Electronic music:
Zamisdat Suite (2013 / 2014)
Balance (2012)
(Post)Modernisms (2007 to present)
Voyages (1983-1985)

The whole discography is available for FREE download from his homepage.