Samstag, 21. März 2015

Red Rose

Red Rose band was founded in the beginning of 2010 in Israel. The musicians already had years of experience in songwriting and performance at various concert venues in their country. Together they created a new project with the aim of recording their debut album. The musical style of Red Rose was based on combination of melodic power metal, heavy metal and classic hard rock, with a light progressive touch. The band name was chosen without any doubts. This name most accurately reflects the ideology of lyrics and music of the band.

The debut album - “Live the Life You’ve Imagined” - was recorded in September of 2010, in the Danish “Jailhouse Studios” under the guidance of the legendary producer Tommy Hansen, who is known for his work with ‘Helloween’, ‘Jorn’, ‘TNT’ and others. The album’s lyrical concepts and ideas were skillfully transferred into visual arts by the Brazilian master – Jobert Mello (‘Sabaton’, ‘Primal Fear’, ‘Bad Company’). ‘Live the Life You’ve Imagined’ was released in 2011 under Italian label ‘Bakerteam records’, and received a lot of positive feedback both from critics and fans.

Shortly after promoting the debut album, guys decided to go for another one.
In September 2012 Red Rose have come back to Denmark to work with Tommy Hansen once again, recording a new album entitled “On the Cusp of Change”. The band’s self confidence was confirmed, when the master himself has pointed out at the band’s improvement in songwriting and performance. The album artwork duties were handled once again by Jobert Mello. And the job of a drummer for this album was taken by an honored guest, Matan Shmuely, member of a known Israeli band ‘Orphaned Land’. The album “On the Cusp of Change” was released in 2013 under Italian ‘Scarlet Records’ worldwide.

In the same year Red Rose has taken part in a big European festival ‘Bastion’ in Ukraine, sharing the main stage with such international names as ‘Bonfire’, ‘UDO’, ‘Rasmus’ and ‘Secret Service’.

In 2015 the band celebrates its 5th anniversary, and to honor this special event, guys decide to release a new EP album. This time they choose to go for a local studio to make the recording. And the choice falls on ‘Retro Studios’, run by Amir Harony & Amos Itach. The job of mixing and mastering was taken by a great sound engineer, Igor Korolev from ‘KIV Records’ studios, Russia. The cover artwork is handled by an American artist, Trevor Niemann from ‘Visual Entropy’ (‘Motley Crue’, ‘Meat Loaf’, ‘Korn’). The new studio EP album bearing the title ‘Anniversary’, was released on March 20th, 2015.