Samstag, 29. August 2015


Aeneas are a five-piece band from Augsburg/Germany which combines rock music, electronica, and epic orchestral sounds – a unique style mix which has attracted many followers outside of Bavaria.

The band members are mainly influenced by modern rock groups such as Muse and Coldplay, but also by classic 70s prog acts such as Genesis and Yes. Moreover, they are huge fans of classical music and soundtracks and therefore they decided early on to integrate many orchestral elements. The results are absolutely stunning, not only because Aeneas are real masters in terms of arranging, but also because they are equally capable of writing radio-friendly songs as well as highly emotional longtracks.

Their outstanding debut album "New-Renaissance" is available now!

Apart from that, Aeneas have proved numerous times that they can recreate their complex arrangements live on stage.
Last but not least, Aeneas have an outstanding frontman: Stefan Krause (winner of the “German Rock & Pop Award 2009” in the category “Best singer”) has a distinctive voice which perfectly suits the different characters that he portrays.

Aeneas – this is Epic Rock for the new millennium.