Dienstag, 11. August 2015

Big Big Train

Big Big Train returns with its first release since the universally acclaimed English Electric albums.

The "Wassail" EP contains three new songs (two of which are exclusive to the EP) and a live bonus track, and demonstrates the band confidently expanding its musical palette. The title track is a memorably melodic and anthemic fusion of Folk, Progressive and Rock music, while Lost Rivers Of London and Mudlarks are evocative evolutions of BBT's trademark 'English pastoral' sound. The EP is completed by a powerful performance of Master James of St George (live at Real World studios).

Big Big Train is an English progressive rock band, founded in 1990. Based in Bournemouth, England.
Having released eight studio albums and five EP's, they were an independent band for most of their career (although they were signed to the Giant Electric Pea record label from 1993 to 1998, distributing releases through their own website. Up to 2009, Big Big Train worked mostly as a studio project band headed by Spawton and Poole with changing line-ups and guest musicians. Since their sixth album The Underfall Yard, which received critical acclaim from the progressive rock community, a more stable lineup has been established, and the band's first live concerts in over ten years have been announced for August 2015. Big Big Train were the winners of the Breakthrough Award at the Progressive Music Awards held at Kew Gardens, London on 3 September 2013; their album English Electric Part Two was nominated in the best album category.



    Goodbye to the Age of Steam (1994)
    English Boy Wonders (1997)
    Bard (2002)
    Gathering Speed (2004)
    The Difference Machine (2007)
    The Underfall Yard (2009)
    English Electric Part One (2012)
    English Electric Part Two (2013)

Demos and EP's:

    From the River to the Sea (1992)
    The Infant Hercules (1993)
    Far Skies Deep Time (2010)
    Make Some Noise (2013)
    Wassail  (2015)