Montag, 26. September 2011

Joseph Magazine

Joseph Magazine is a progressive metal band from Wroclaw, Poland.
The roots of the band date back from 2005, when Bartos Socha (guitar) and Marcin Walecki (keyboards), both from the demised band Lapidarium, started working on new ideas and approaches.
By 2009 the material for a first album had come together. In the same year, the duo teamed up with vocalist Bartosz Struszczyk. In 2010 Rafal Brodowski (drums) and Marcin Szadyn (bass) joined.
Their debut album "Night Of The Red Sky" has now been released.

The band plays a fresh and colorful type of progressive metal, with much attention to keyboard orchestrations and technical compositions.

Joseph Magazine is the reaction to the scream of reality. Everything that surrounds us is so shiny and colourful that you just want to close your eyes and simply take a break from it all... The truth is that sometimes everybody needs to stop for a while... All those who are not afraid to take on challenges and seek for something more in life - we invite you to take the journey with Joseph Magazine.
It's the Holy Grail for everyone who search to find something more in music. For everyone who want something fresh and unique. Night of The Red Sky is the realisation of a dream that others failed to fulfil or just considered unachievable.

Lapidarium there was a long period of silence. Each one of us went his own way. We were all exhausted. After a year and a half break, the guitarist Bartosz Socha decided to discover areas not yet marked on the musical map. He composed the first track and sent it to the keyboardist, Marcin Walecki, living in Ireland at that time. After some time Marcin replied… The final outcome was a revelation for both musicians and a beginning of a new stage in their lives. A new idea was born. A dream to bring something entirely new into the world of music. Something very picturesque and suggestive. This is how the great duet came to being. Bartosz was composing and arranging, while Marcin added colors and new dimensions to the music. 4 years later, in 2009, the entire concept album had it shape and form defined. However, there was still something missing… In the summer of 2009 there came the singer, Bartosz Struszczyk. He was far away from the stereotype of what a Polish singer should be. That was the thing that both musicians were seeking. The album was enriched with singing and speaking parts and an epilogue was written, revealing the ultimate idea behind the story. Finally, then came the time for the finishing works: assembling the entire band, audio mixing and mastering and working on the cover art. In the second half of 2010, a drummer, Rafał Brodowski joined the team. He was the only guy who, unlike all others, was able to play everything he was expected to. In October 2010 Marcin Szadyn, a bass player joined the band and finally they could start working on live performances.. Joseph Magazine has already played a few concerts, aimed mainly to gather some live experience in performing the new material and find out how the audience would react to their music. The listeners’ opinion strengthen the band’s belief that their message was properly received. The audience wasn’t able to anything but to listen to the music and focus on the performance. There are no random members in the band. They all are great musicians. Each one of them is at a high instrumental level so they all can create musical visions without any technical limitations. You can also say that each one of them has a different musical story to tell.

Without a doubt, Joseph Magazine is a group composed of really unique artists, sharing one dream and pursuing the same goal.