Samstag, 3. September 2011

Bader Nana

Kuwait based Lebanese artist Bader Nana has just released a concept album for free download.

The album entitled ‘Wormwood‘ tells the story of the fantastical journey of a girl during the dark ages of the black plague to discover a dark secret hidden within her.
The album has a total running time of 58 min and is a roller coaster of plot twists and emotional turbulence.

Bader Nana, a multi-instrumentalist, has been playing music for over 10 years and has contributed on numerous musical projects around the middle east.
In 2009 he gained national fame in Kuwait with his release of an acoustic tribute album to Michael Jackson. On this new release, he takes a darker turn into the realms of progressive metal, composing music for all instruments, recording and playing them himself.In the spirit of humility, Bader Nana simply described the album with the phrase ‘it’s nice.’
That of course is the understatement of the decade from one of the most promising emerging talents of the middle east.

Any listeners with a taste for the darker flavor of progressive rock/metal would be doing themselves a disservice by missing out on this free release.