Montag, 29. August 2011

Ultraviolet Daydream

"Redshift" is the debut release from Nashville prog rockers Ultraviolet Daydream.

With a nod to prog giants like Genesis, Yes, Rush, and Camel, Ultraviolet Daydream combines classic prog sounds with contemporary arrangements.

Ultraviolet Daydream consists of Dutch Noss (vox/guitar), Mark Mingrone (keyboards), Jeff Brown (drums), Jaymi Millard (bass), and Lee Warren (steel guitar/sitar).

The band recorded and produced "Redshift" in Nashville, TN, and their debut release delivers from the opening bars to the smashing finish. The backbone of the album was written by Dutch and Mark, with contributions by a host of friends. With instrumentals like “Clockwise” and vocal numbers like “Far and Away”, Redshift sets the mood to take the listener on a voyage through space and time.