Sonntag, 17. Mai 2015

Forgotten Suns

After five long years of waiting Forgotten Suns are now back with their outstanding new album "When Worlds Collide".

Founded in mid 90′s by guitar player Ricardo Falcão, Forgotten Suns stands as one of the most prolific portuguese progressive rock/metal bands of our days.

Their music is often compared to movie soundtracks due to the fact that each and every song reflects a different concept, like a script where music plays a wide role by defining the landscapes and action.
In the early beginnings the band was seriously driven and influenced by the melodic power and song writing of bands like Pink Floyd, Genesis and Marillion (from whom they inspired themselves to create the band’s altered name) and also from the heavy/progressive influences of bands like Metallica, Fates Warning or Dream Theater – the band’s name is related also to a belief on how one can cross a lifetime by experiencing enlightenment of a spiritual nature – Music is the path.

The band’s icon “siamese phoenixes” symbolizes the daring spirit of Forgotten Suns to reborn each and every day, from song to song, from album to album, into the Future from the ashes of the Past.
Musically speaking, the main purpose of the band is to do evolutionary albums under their own progressive approach and fulfill a lifetime dream through music with focus on high quality live and studio performances.
The first years of their biography yielded two albums – Fiction Edge (2000) and Snooze (2004) who were early sons born out of the band’s musical growth in an adverse context. Even though yet with a blatantly lack of production, those albums were highly appreciated by the media and especially in the prog community by their strong melodic approach and song writing quality.

Those two albums were written without having a full time drummer in the same room, so some songs naturally became rhythmically lighter. The arrival of drummer J.C Samora in March 2003, who still participated in the final writings of ‘Snooze’, was a major breakthrough at the time.
After the promotion concerts of ‘Snooze’ the band decided to enter a new level of production both in studio, live and as performers, at the time bassist Nuno Correia joins the band in August 2005.

This new state of mind and musical direction led to the split with the previous singer and there were no definitive options available until the band came to find the exquisite and powerful voice of lead singer Nio Nunes already during the recordings of the new album. With a new singer on the ranks the band signed with ProgRock Records and the new album ‘Innergy’ (2009) stands as the most heavy & progressive material up to date done by the group.
On December 2010 the band released their first EP ‘Revelations’ on their own new label Pathfinder Records and in 2011 the band was included on the triple tribute CD to The Flower Kings ‘A Flower Full of Stars’ with the song ‘In the Eyes of the World’.

The new year 2012 starts with keyboard wizzard Ernesto Rodrigues joining the band after Miguel's departure.

Forgotten Suns spent the last two years writing, pre-producing, recording and mixing the 4th full lenght studio album baptized 'When Worlds Collide' that was released on March 21, 2015.