Dienstag, 19. Mai 2015

Gentle Knife

Gentle Knife is a Norwegian progressive rock band counting 10 members. With both male and female vocals, guitars, synths, mellotron, woodwinds and everything else you would or would not expect, the band combines the mood of the ‘70s with a modern take on the genre. Gentle Knife’s self-titled conceptual debut album takes you from the clamor of the big city, into an alluring forest. The journey is supposed to renew your energy, but somewhere deep in the forest, you are drawn away from the path, and into the unknown…

Gentle Knife’s s/t eponymous conceptual debut album is an 8-part suite rooted in the classic rock concept album. This innovative release transcends the genre with originality and modern sentiment. The results are both lyrical and foreboding, symphonic and urban. The album recounts the tale of an adventurer’s unfortunate demise in an alluring forest.

Astraea Antal - flute, winds and visuals
Pål Bjørseth - keyboards, vocals, trumpet
Odd Grønvold - basses
Thomas Hylland Eriksen - sax and woodwinds
Håkon Kavli - vocals, accoustic guitar
Eivind Lorentzen - guitars and synths
Melina Oz - vocals
Ove Christian Owe - guitars
Ole Martin Svendsen - drums, percussion
Brian M. Talgo - samples, words, and visions

Ole Michael Bjørndal - additional guitars on Eventide, The Cords that Bind, Beneath the Waning Moon, The Gentle Knife and Coda Impetus
Astrid Lenvik - additional lyrics on Eventide and Remnants of Pride