Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2015


Preacher are an eight piece progressive rock band from the United Kingdom who have been making quite a name for themselves thanks to their regular touring schedule and festival appearances.  Their flawless live shows are performed before stunning visual backdrops and light shows which create an almost hypnotic experience reminiscent of Pink Floyd at their height and never fails to leave their sell out crowds in raptures.

The band is made up of Martin Murphy (Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar); Arnie Burgoyne (Keyboards); Greg Murphy (Lead Guitar); Iain Duncan (Drums); Gordon Munro (Bass); Ron Rodgers (Acoustic Guitar) and finally the female backing duo of Angela Bell and Kerry McWhinnie.  Arnie Burgoyne recently returned to Preacher after taking some time out to go on a world tour with Echo & The Bunnymen.

Preacher’s distinctive yet familiar sound is a subtle blend of epic prog rock and classic rock.  Their stunning debut album "Signals" in many ways pays homage to the classic conceptual approach of crafting an album based around a single theme or ‘concept’ championed by bands such as Pink Floyd, Yes and King Crimson in their heyday and more recently with the likes of Radiohead opting for a similar aesthetic.

As well being a genuinely outstanding live band, Preacher love to work in the studio too.  Lead singer Martin Murphy and keyboard player Arnie Burgoyne are perfectionists when it comes to the band’s sound, with both of them spending countless hours alongside their producer Larry Primrose putting the finishing touches to their final mixes.