Samstag, 23. Mai 2015


Ladies & Gentlemen, the wait is finally over!
IOEarth's "New World" is here, released 20th May 2015.

Since 2009, Dave Cureton and Adam Gough's signature genre-blending sound has been the talk of the Progressive Rock community, with one review even hailing their debut self-titled release "the most important Progressive album of the decade".

Early last year, IO Earth announced that they were back in the studio, recording new material for their third release, once again causing a commotion in the Prog world.

During the making of "New World", recording was temporarily delayed as Dave and Adam made changes and additions to their line-up, introducing Jez King on Violin and Christian Jerromes on drums and percussion in July 2014. These changes have added a new edge to their sound, with some heavier influences coming from the new members, while it retains all of the original unique qualities that grabbed the fans attention to begin with. The new album also has long-time members Luke Shingler (Sax) and Christian Nokes (Bass) continuing to bring their own influences and style, plus vocalist Linda Odinsen who, while having been on the road with IO Earth now for almost three years, makes her long-awaited first appearance on disk.

IOEarth are a project from Birmingham/UK headed by Dave Cureton and Adam Gough who each master guitars, keys, bass and vocals. They have been good friends since they met in school at the age of 12. Their writing partnership strengthened and by the time they were 15, composing and performing their own music started at small local venues with a band made up of their friends and relatives.

They both enjoy music of all kinds. As for the inspirations Frank Zappa is just one of the earliest. You'll also find examples of contemporary rock, commercial pop, classical, jazz and everything in between and they have always enjoyed juxtaposing these supposedly completely different styles in their own compositions.

Much of their early work was guitar based rock in the same vein as the likes of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. While this element remains in their songs to this day, they have very much moved away from emulating their influences and have created a unique sound of their own. Many band members came and went through the years, each bringing their own styles and influence to the work, but the one constant has been Dave's brother Richard Cureton (drums).

It was in 2004 that Dave Cureton and Adam Gough decided to start working on their first studio album. Some time later they took their ideas to the recording studio where they met Miguel Seco, a very talented musical engineer and producer from Portugal. Finally it took nearly two years to work out their same-titled debut album, holding 20 songs with the help of several competent friends, featuring vocalist Steve Balsamo for example.

Released in 2009 the whole production is a melting pot of different styles and offers a cinematic vibe, like a soundtrack for lovers, full of relaxing, charming melodies - however contrasting with heavy rocking impressions here and there - provided to tell a complete story in (prog) music divided into three movements. IOEarth are recommended to fans of sophisticated rock music.

2009 - IOEarth
2012 - Moments
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2015 - New World