Mittwoch, 17. August 2011


"The Dream" is the first album after 20 years by Echo, a progressive Romanian band hailing from Bucharest.

The band's history goes back to the group's college band that was active in the late 80s, only to unfold due to the harsch times. Reunited to pursue the initial dream, Echo are now a mature quintet that is rapidly establishing a name in the local scene.
Their music is based on the interplay between electric guitars and organ, which pays a beautiful tribute to classic Pink Floyd but is further enriched by acoustic guitars, jazzy piano moments reminding of Ray Manzarek, while the songwriting and the singing often hint in a discreet manner at classic heavy metal.

Echo? The story begins long time ago, about twenty years, when we played for the first time, with a lot of enthusiasm, yet few achievements, in a time when the options were limited. Twenty long years had to go by, to meet again the echo of those songs, in another era, as enthusiastic as ever.
For all those fond of musical style analysis and classification, our sound comes probably near the prog rock, but for us Echo is the nostalgia for the 70s and 80s when great bands showed to the public a complex and elaborated message on both lyrical and musical levels. Without creating an antithesis with most of the music of today, we want to put our music on a level aiming at both mind and soul.
In 2007, when we found ourselves again, after twenty years of silence, we wanted a refuge, with no pretensions, no targets or deadlines. We wanted just to see how it sounds, today, when technically we have means and possibilities impossible to imagine some twenty years ago.
And maybe to dream at what we could have become all these years hadn’t we stopped playing back then.
And then, the songs found their way flowing like a rain, waited too long. This first album,  "The Dream", is a collection of songs, made up partially from ideas developed during these long years of silence, when the music still sounded, silently, in each of us. Therefore, the sound might seem to be coming from other times, but, hey, we are from other times…