Dienstag, 16. August 2011


The new studio release from Proto-Kaw simply named "Forth". 

Three years in the making, "Forth"  is the most intriguing Proto-Kaw album to date.  New material from composer Kerry Livgren takes the unique Proto-Kaw sound to fresh, new heights that will excite current fans while expanding their broad appeal even further to entirely new audiences.
Proto-Kaw's "Forth" again boasts the talents of four original members of an early 1970's version of the band Kansas.
As with their previous releases, "Forth" contains all original material from Kerry Livgren, the driving influence of the famous version of Kansas. Credited for such timeless classic hits as "Dust In The Wind" and "Carry On Wayward Son", Livgren continues to inspire beyond his music. Musically, "Forth" is undoubtedly Proto-Kaw's strongest and most diverse work. This 12 song tour-de-force highlight's Livgren's incredibly broad approach to composition. 
A myriad of ingredients beautifully mesh the styling's of rock, prog, jazz and beyond. 
The ultimate triumph of the new release is the fact that the music cannot be easily relegated to any one particular genre.

2002 Early Recordings from Kansas 1971-1973
2004 Before Became After
2006 The Wait Of Glory
2011 Forth