Samstag, 13. August 2011


STEEO is the project of mastermind Stefano Ruggiero (guitar, vocals), living in Turin/Italy.
Released in 2010 on Electromantic Music he produced his first album "Four Eyes In The Silence" with a crew of related musicians (guitarist Marco Roagna, Beppe Crovella on keyboards, Roberto Cassetta on bass and Marco Fenocchio's drums) representing a standard rock instrumentation.
The compositions are deeply inspired by Pink Floyd, melodic, psych pop and psych prog halfway through.

This album is clearly "pinkfloydian" sound for "pinkfloydian" minds! The main characteristic of STEEO's sound is indeed a unique "Pink Floyd trait" that Beppe Crovella and Stefano have created and pursued in studio. All "3 pinkfloydian eras" (the "barrett-era", the "Gilmour-era" and the "Waters-era" ), have been revisited, blended, re-interpreted and widened in a free and original way, to find the ideal soundscape for Steeo's composing work. An album that will get into the ears and heart of Pink Floyd fans and many more great listeners!

We have here all the arsenale Floydian distributed: echoes vocals, guitar entry in lascivious, suspended or very energetic keyboards, pause constants, break tones, lovely ballads, long psychedelic incantations, pop melodies charms to Syd Barret, great emphasis and atmospheres.

A territory well know by everybody, but rediscovered and retraced in long and wide across ten compositions and magical fifty minutes.

As the dear Simone Rossetti had done with The Watch for Genesis, Stefano Ruggiero incorporates the fundamentals of Pink Floyd and appropriates to summarize them nowadays in a brilliant exercise well away from the copy/paste. The result is amazing and high quality.